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Where does Cadburys get caramel from?

Cadburys creates it's own caramel in their factories by boiling sugar. The caramel is then frozen to make it solidify, molten chocolate is then poured over the solid caramel (MORE)

How many children did John Cadbury have?

John Cadbury married twice. His first wife was called Priscilla Ann Dymond in 1826 but she died 2 years later :(Then, he married again to a lady called Candia Barrow and had (MORE)

What is the purpose of Cadbury?

The purpose of Cadbury is to produce fine chocolates with unique  taste and texture, which are not beyond the price range of the  average person. The purpose of Cadbury is t (MORE)

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What do Cadbury sell?

Cadbury (now I believe it has been taken over by Kraft) sell many  different types of Chocolate here is a list of some of them:   Dairy milk   Freddo   Curly wurl (MORE)

What is Cadbury Chocolate?

Cadbury chocolate is a brand of English chocolate. It is known for its smooth quality and tastes wonderful. Some examples of the different lines of chocolate include Dairy (MORE)

Why is Cadbury called Cadbury.?

In 1824,a Quaker named John Cadbury, began selling tea, coffee and  drinking chocolate in Bull Street in Birmingham, England, UK. From  about 1831 he went into the productio (MORE)