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Who is John Kurlander?

Three-time Grammy winner John Kurlander's career began at Abbey Road Studios in 1967. After completing the studio's unique in-house training, and at the request of George Mart (MORE)

Who was John By?

  Colonel John By was a British military engineer responsible for the design and construction of the Rideau Canal, a Canadian waterway joining the city of Ottawa (on the O (MORE)

Who is John writing to in 1 John?

It was probably written as a circular letter from Ephesus about  85-95 AD to the believers of the Roman province of Asia, including  the churches mentioned in Revelation cha (MORE)

What can be learned about John from the Gospel of John?

A:The very reason the second-century Church Fathers decided that the last New Testament gospel was probably written by the apostle John is that John is never mentioned in the (MORE)

Do you write 'John and I' or 'John and me'?

It depends. Are you and John the object or are you the subject? If the two of you are the subject, it is John and I (John and I are going to the mall.) If the two of you are t (MORE)

Who was John the Evangelist?

Another answer from our community:    John the Evangelist, along with his brother James, was one of the  12 Apostles whom Jesus called to follow him. He was the son of (MORE)

Who is John Horse?

John Horse (1812 - 1882), also known as Juan Caballo and Gopher John, was a military advisor to Osceola and a leader of Black Seminole contingents against United States troops (MORE)
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When do you using I or me. For example John and I ..... John and me..... or Me and John?

The other person's name should come first, "me and John" should not  be used. This is manners, not a rule of grammar.    The pronoun 'I' is used as the subject of a se (MORE)