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Did John H Davis became the host of MotorWeek in 1981?

John H. Davis explains that he's about to get Louis Rukeyser around  for his money. John H. Davis is moving down the street from Wall  Street Week.    "MotorWeek" is (MORE)

How did john h Davis launch motorweek in 1981?

John H. Davis, executive producer of Wall Street Week arrived at the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting. John is promoting a new TV series called "MotorWeek", and he wa (MORE)

Did Mac Davis steal Annie away from John Denver?

No - John Denver was served divorce papers on his 15th wedding anniversary. This was due to the many affairs that John Denver had while he was singing on the road. I'm not su (MORE)

Who is John writing to in 1 John?

It was probably written as a circular letter from Ephesus about  85-95 AD to the believers of the Roman province of Asia, including  the churches mentioned in Revelation cha (MORE)

What were the circumstances of John when 1 John was written?

  The First Epistle of John is believed to have been written in the same community as the Gospel of John. Because the books were later attributed to the apostle John, thi (MORE)

Who wrote 1 John and 2 John?

It is traditional to believe that 1 John and 2 John were written by the author of John's Gospel, so the first thing to recognise is that the epistles and John's Gospel were or (MORE)

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How old is John Davis?

John Davis was born on January 13, 1787 and died on April 19, 1854. John Davis would have been 67 years old at the time of death or 223 years old today.
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