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Who has the history on john deloreans grand prix of America go karts?

John DeLorean founded Grand Prix of America (GPA) as chairman with his younger brother, Jack, as president about the time he resigned from General Motors in 1972-1973. The con (MORE)
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How fast does a delorean go?

they go 88 like in the movie back to the future   In the movie, the time machine needed to get up to 88 MPH to travel through time, but this is not the fastest a DeLorean c (MORE)

What kind of car is a delorean?

The DeLorean is officially known as the DMC-12. It is the only car that DMC (DeLorean motor corporation) made before closing down. The current DMC runs under the same name a (MORE)
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Can a delorean rust?

because of the stainless steel body construction the body will not rust. The chassis however can rust and is a common problem with Deloreans
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What was the DeLorean price when it was new?

Sticker price of the first year (1981) DeLorean was $25,000 plus delivery. The first production cars got to the U.S. dealerships in June-July 1981. Due to high demand and low (MORE)

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How old is John DeLorean?

John DeLorean was born on January 6, 1925 and died on March 19, 2005. John DeLorean would have been 80 years old at the time of death or 90 years old today.
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Where can you buy a brand new delorean?

The company went bankrupt in 1982, so 1983 was the last year of production for the Delorean, sorry. Though, cars built from original stock, new, and reproduction parts are bei (MORE)