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What did John Dickinson have to do with the Declaration of Independence?

  John Dickinson was one of several delegates from Pennsylvania to the Second Continental Congress during the debate over declaring independence from Great Britain. He was (MORE)

Who influenced Emily Dickinson?

Emily Dickinson was particularly fond the poetry of John Keats and Robert Browning, the prose of John Ruskin and Sir Thomas Brown, and the novels of George Elliot and Charlett (MORE)

Is Charles Dickinson in Emily Dickinson family?

I believe you are thinking of the English novelist Charles Dickens, and no, they were not related.
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Was John Dickinson a federalist or anti federalist?

  Well I JUst Look It Up And It Said That He Was A Federalist.   Well I JUst Look It Up And It Said That He Was A Federalist.
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What did John Dickinson do at the Constitutional Convention?

John Dickinson came out of retirement to serve as the Delaware  delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He served on the  Committee on Postponed Matters, helped to engine (MORE)
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What did Dickinson argue?

Dickinson believed declaring independence would hurt the colonies rather than help them. He argued that it would lead to a war that would cause great suffering. He did not thi (MORE)