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Who was John Earl Reese?

he was involved in the civil rights movement and died because he was fighting for better/intergrated black schools.    
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What is the population of Bristol?

HOW BIG IS BRISTOL AS A CITY? Bristol has a population of over half a million. Bristol has been one of the most important trading center in the United Kingdom since the 12th (MORE)

What did an earl do?

They did not work, as they were of the Noble classes. Dukes and Earls did preside over their properties however, and spent some time looking after the affairs associated with (MORE)

Could you tell me anything about a lightweight boxer called john gregson born 1930 from earls-town northwest England please.?

I had a fight with a Johnny Gregson at the Wintergardens Morcambe in 1948. We were both having our first professional fight. It as 4 x 3 min rounds and I won on points. If you (MORE)

What can you do in Bristol?

You can do a lot in Bristol. There's Bristol zoo, the suspension bridge in Clifton Village, plenty of bars and restaurants, including Jamie's Italian which just opened on Park (MORE)