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What is the meaning of john donnes poem the message?

John Donne's poem, 'The Message,' is driven by the theme of crossed  love. The narrator of the poem writes out of the passionate  experience of having been betrayed by someo (MORE)

What is the gist of the poem Twickenham garden by John Donne?

  The poet is feeling said and sorry for himself because he is in love with a married woman he cannot have and goes into the garden in the Spring for comfort. But he is to (MORE)
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Was john donne associated with Neoclassicism?

No. The Neoclassical Age began at the start of the 18th century. Donne was of the Metaphysical School ( he started it) and wrote from the 1590s to 1630s.
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What is the theme of sonnet 10 john donne?

John Donne personifies death as mortal and something that should not be feared or dreaded. The poem basically discusses victory over death. Death is not as strong as people ma (MORE)

Bring out the element of modernity in the poetry of John Donne?

There can not be said to be any modernity in John Donne's poems except in his treatment of themes in the metaphysical style and marking a change from the style, imagery and pr (MORE)