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Why did John Donne convert to the Anglican Church?

John Donne was ordained into the Anglican Church because King James  I made him if he wanted to regain his reputation, although not his  position, at the Royal Court. He was (MORE)
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What is the meaning of The Undertaking by John Donne?

He starts off by saying that he's done a worthy thing, but it's even better to not brag about it. Then in the second stanza, he says that it's foolish and "madness" to brag ab (MORE)
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What is the theme of sonnet 10 john donne?

John Donne personifies death as mortal and something that should not be feared or dreaded. The poem basically discusses victory over death. Death is not as strong as people ma (MORE)

John Donne gained fame as a preacher?

John Donne was famed as a preacher as well as as a poet. Read more about his life at the link below.
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