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What is the feminine gender of marquess?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for a male or a female. The noun for a male is male is marquess (or marquis); the nou (MORE)

Where was The War Wagon with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas filmed?

The War Wagon (1967) According to IMDB, the locations were Durango, Mexico and the nearby desert region to the southeast, known as Sierra de Organos in Zacatecas state. Both T (MORE)

Did John Wayne like Kirk Douglas?

He did like Douglas but did not always agree with his choice of parts. They also did not see eye-to-eye on politics. According to the IMDB website, when they were filming "The (MORE)
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How does one become a marquess?

No one might simply become a Marquess , they must give tremendous time to Her Majesty, The Queen of the  United Kingdom, Commonwealth realms and Crown dependencies.   (MORE)

Who were the illegitimate children of Richard Marquess of Wellesley?

at least two JOHNSTON children.... one being his secretary at Dublin Castle.. Also elizabeth anne not to be confused with the recognised Anne. Elizabeth anne married george w (MORE)