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Why most food esten by humans must be digested before they can be used by the body?

Food must be digested before it can be used by the human body. This  is due to the fact that food molecules are too big for the body to  do anything with, so the body requir (MORE)

What is cooking?

    Cooking means applying heat to food. Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat selecting, measuring and combing ingredient's. And making sure its (MORE)

Who was John By?

  Colonel John By was a British military engineer responsible for the design and construction of the Rideau Canal, a Canadian waterway joining the city of Ottawa (on the O (MORE)

What to do after cooking?

Wash your hands but if there was egg involved separate your dishes from the egg because they have salmonella in them and you could get very sick from it. Wash everything that (MORE)

Can you cook beets?

Yes, you can cook beets. They are usually boiled, baked or roasted. Beets can also be fried, pickled, eaten raw, juiced, grilled, cooked in the microwave.
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What do have to do to be a cook?

In order to be a cook, you have to love food. You have to be open to taste all things...even an octopus with peanut butter on it. Or a pickle with peanuts. You have to have a (MORE)

Why do we have to cook?

We have to cook so we can get a balanced diet.A balanced diet is when we get the right balance of food from every food group so we arent mal-nourished .Eating a balanced diet (MORE)

What can you cook in?

If you mean vessels, you can cook in pots, pans, skillets, dutch ovens, crock pots, griddles, etc. If you mean equipment, you can cook in ovens, microwaves, etc. If you mean l (MORE)