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Did John Greenleaf Whittier have a wife and kids?

No, He had a girlfriend named Mary Emerson Smith, but he never married and he never had children. His father was John Whittier and his mother was Abigail (Hussey). They had 4 (MORE)

Who was John By?

  Colonel John By was a British military engineer responsible for the design and construction of the Rideau Canal, a Canadian waterway joining the city of Ottawa (on the O (MORE)
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Who was John Greenleaf whittier?

  American poet and abolitionist who, in the latter part of his life, shared with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the distinction of being a household name in both England and (MORE)

What can be learned about John from the Gospel of John?

A:The very reason the second-century Church Fathers decided that the last New Testament gospel was probably written by the apostle John is that John is never mentioned in the (MORE)

The Greenleaf Guide To Ancient Literature Answers?

  Literature 1     1. Read Deuteronomy 18:9-12.   2. List the activities or people God says we are to avoid.   After you make this list, I would recommend t (MORE)
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Was john greenleaf whittier an abolitionist?

Yes he is. He dedicated twenty years of his life to the abolitionist cause and he signed the Anti-Slavery Declaration of 1833, which he often considered the most significant a (MORE)
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When do you using I or me. For example John and I ..... John and me..... or Me and John?

The other person's name should come first, "me and John" should not  be used. This is manners, not a rule of grammar.    The pronoun 'I' is used as the subject of a se (MORE)