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Is Eddie holman deceased?

Nope - he's still alive, and living in Philadelphia - when he's not touring with the band.
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What movie and television projects has Clare Holman been in?

Clare Holman has: Played Herself - Narrator in "Horizon" in 1964. Played Jane Laker in "The Bill" in 1984. Performed in "Screen Two" in 1985. Played Jenny in "Screen Two" in 1 (MORE)

Is John Adams on the US 2 dollar bill?

Technically, yes. While John Adams (the second president) has never been depicted on the face of a 20th or 21st-century US bill, he does appear on the back of the current $2 b (MORE)

Who was 2 john written to?

It is written to the "elect lady and her children". In the Greek, the word is ekklesia. Ekklesia is a gathering of called out ones. It is the same word used for Church. Church (MORE)

Who wrote 1 John and 2 John?

It is traditional to believe that 1 John and 2 John were written by the author of John's Gospel, so the first thing to recognise is that the epistles and John's Gospel were or (MORE)