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Is Eddie holman deceased?

Nope - he's still alive, and living in Philadelphia - when he's not touring with the band.
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What movie and television projects has Clare Holman been in?

Clare Holman has: Played Herself - Narrator in "Horizon" in 1964. Played Jane Laker in "The Bill" in 1984. Performed in "Screen Two" in 1985. Played Jenny in "Screen Two" in 1 (MORE)

Who was 2 john written to?

It is written to the "elect lady and her children". In the Greek, the word is ekklesia. Ekklesia is a gathering of called out ones. It is the same word used for Church. Church (MORE)

Who wrote 1 John and 2 John?

It is traditional to believe that 1 John and 2 John were written by the author of John's Gospel, so the first thing to recognise is that the epistles and John's Gospel were or (MORE)

Was John Adams the president during world war 2?

No, John Adams was not the President of US during WW2. Actually he was the second US President, who served the office between the years 1797 and 1801. World War 2 happened i (MORE)