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Did John Simpson Kirkpatrick ever get married?

No. Simpson went to war before he ever married, and he died before his 23rd birthday.
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Did John Simpson Kirkpatrick win a medal in WW1?

Many have lobbied for John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the men who used a donkey to lead wounded men to safety at Gallipoli, to be awarded a medal. However, he has never received eit (MORE)

How do you remember John Simpson Kirkpatrick for?

John Simpson kirk Patrick was a medic in world war one. He carried wounded soldiers on the back of a donkey to safety. John walked through shrapnel fires and survived many tim (MORE)

When did john Simpson kirkpatrick join World War 1?

John Simpson Kirkpatrick joined the Australian Army Medical Corps as a stretcher bearer under the name of "Jack Simpson" immediately at the outbreak of World War I. Simpson th (MORE)

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