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Who was John By?

  Colonel John By was a British military engineer responsible for the design and construction of the Rideau Canal, a Canadian waterway joining the city of Ottawa (on the O (MORE)

Did John Simpson Kirkpatrick win a medal in WW1?

Many have lobbied for John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the men who used a donkey to lead wounded men to safety at Gallipoli, to be awarded a medal. However, he has never received eit (MORE)

How do you remember John Simpson Kirkpatrick for?

John Simpson kirk Patrick was a medic in world war one. He carried wounded soldiers on the back of a donkey to safety. John walked through shrapnel fires and survived many tim (MORE)

What can be learned about John from the Gospel of John?

A:The very reason the second-century Church Fathers decided that the last New Testament gospel was probably written by the apostle John is that John is never mentioned in the (MORE)
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When do you using I or me. For example John and I ..... John and me..... or Me and John?

The other person's name should come first, "me and John" should not  be used. This is manners, not a rule of grammar.    The pronoun 'I' is used as the subject of a se (MORE)