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How did John Knox become a founder of Presbyterianism?

John Knox was not the founder of Presbyterianism - that was John Calvin. However, John Knox attended Calvin's theological school in Geneva where he learned the tenets of Presb (MORE)

Who is John Knox?

    John Knox was a Calvinist preacher who lead a religious rebellion in Scotland. He helped the Scottish Protestants to overthrow their Catholic queen and set up the (MORE)

How is John Knox important?

He was one of the leaders of the Scottish Reformation. Thus he can be regarded as one of the main founders of the Church of Scotland (C of S). He developed many of the concept (MORE)

How did John Knox celebrate Christmas?

He did not celebrate Christmas but below you can read what he said about it. "That God's word d***s your ceremonies (refering to Christmas and the other Roman Catholic inven (MORE)

Did john knox translate the bible into English?

  John Knox did not speak read or write english. Monsignor Ronald Knox, who was raised in an Anglican priest, and later converted to the Roman Catholic Church did a transl (MORE)

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What is John Knox most famous for?

John Knox is most famous for founding the Presbyterian denomination is Scotland. He was a man of the clergy in Scotland and was involved in the reformation of the Scottish Chu (MORE)