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Who was john l Lewis?

John L. Lewis was an important leader in organized labor. He was  the President of the United Mine Workers of America for forty  years.

What are the aims and objectives of john Lewis?

John Lewis is a leading chain of Commercial stores in UK. According  to the official statement, the company's main aims ab objectives  include industrial power, customer sat (MORE)

Who are Jim zwerg and john Lewis?

Jim Zwerg and John Lewis were two members of the 1960's Civil Rights movement in America. These two are especially notable together for their participation in the Freedom Ride (MORE)
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Who is john r Lewis?

john r. Lewis is man that fought against the civil rights with martin Luther king Jr. he now works in the congress his office is in the white house :) (i have to study him for (MORE)
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What does John Lewis online provide?

The site John Lewis online sells a wide variety of products. The UK based site sells everything from housewares and gifts to clothing and beauty products.
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