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What were 3 major accomplishments that John F. Kennedy accomplish?

Though his presidency was brief by any standard--two years, ten months, John F. Kennedy had three legislative accomplishments that were of lasting benefit. In October 1963, th (MORE)
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What was john Dalton's major constraint when he suggested his Atomic Theory?

Dalton's theory is very simple, yet his atomic model satisfactorily explained many familiar phenomena and the laws of chemical change. His theory prevailed for almost a centur (MORE)

What are John F Kennedy's major mistakes while in office?

1- Berlin Wall 2-Bay of Pigs 3-Cuban Missile Crisis 4-Sending "advisirs" to Viet Nam 5-Going to Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963
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What was John Lennon's major accomplishment?

he was the leader of the most influential band of all time. As a solo artist he was the first superstar musician that lend his name for charities or for a cause.
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Why did Americans admire Major John Andre?

Because he was polite and had great courage and dignity. He was  extremley brave when he was executed and many including George  Washington admired his courage.
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What major contributions did John Steinbeck make to literature?

Many would claim that John Steinbeck wrote The Grapes of Wrath, and that is nearly as large of a contribution to twentieth-century American Literature as one can make. The imp (MORE)

What major accomplishments did john cena win?

12 time world champion 2 time royal rumble 8 wrestlemania main events 5 wrestlemania main event wins Money in the bank winner 3 time us champ 4 time tag team champ (MORE)

What were 3 major accomplishments of John Adams?

 He graduated from Havard University.  He passed the bar to become a lawyer.  He enjoyed a successful law practice before dedicating himself to politics.  His greatest ca (MORE)