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What college did John Marshall attend?

Marshall's parents taught him to read and write, and he studied independently until the 1767 (age 12), when he received private tutoring from a Scottish minister who lived wit (MORE)

How did Chief Justice John Marshall die?

Chief Justice John Marshall was injured when a stagecoach he was traveling in overturned in the spring of 1835. He was taken to Philadelphia for treatment, but his health decl (MORE)

Who was John Marshall?

John Marshall served as the 4th Chief Justice of the U.S. from 1801 to his death in 1835. Marshall also served as the Secretary of State under President John Adams. He was als (MORE)

Where did John Marshall get his education?

John Marshall was born on the Virginia frontier in 1755, at a time when most areas were too under-populated to offer formal education.    Marshall's parents taught him (MORE)

Was John Marshall a US President?

No. John Marshall is best known as the fourth Chief Justice of the United States, and perhaps the most influential justice in the history of the Supreme Court. He was appointe (MORE)

Importance of john marshall?

The importance of John Marshall is that he made a very important  decision that affected the judicial decisions in the United States.  The decision helped legitimize the abi (MORE)