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What is a talbot?

A Talbot is an extinct snow-white hunting dog, so large and skilled (by way of its keen sense of smell), that it was rumoured to be able to bring down a horse in wintertime.
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Where was Michael with John Travolta filmed?

It was filmed in Texas, I'm not sure about all the locations but the dance hall is actually Gruene Hall in Gruene, Texas.
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What religion is Connie Talbot?

This is a part of private life, it has not been publicized. Remember we are talking about a child. Her initial poularity at least in America was driven by the Christian commun (MORE)

Who is Connie Talbot?

At age six Connie Talbot, who was born in Britain, came in second to Paul Potts in Britain's got talent 2007. She has since made three albums, two singles and a dvd. She has g (MORE)

Is Connie Talbot a regular kid?

She does everything a normal school kid her age does. So yes, I would say she is a regular kid. On her twitter profile you see what you would see for someone who is often in t (MORE)

Does Connie Talbot talk about Jesus?

This is a part of the private life of this child. When Connie is old enough to make decisions on her own she may wish to talk about such things. Her initial popularity in Amer (MORE)

Has YouTube hurt Connie Talbot?

Not at all. Connie Talbot has a base of fans because of YouTube. It is a perfect fit for Connie because her public appearances are limited because of the wish to provide for h (MORE)