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Was john Milton a blind?

Yes, John Milton went blind during the course of his life, and wrote most of his masterpiece, Paradise Lost, without his vision.
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Paraphrase on his blindness by John Milton?

First, a detailed paraphrase, although it sounds horrible after Milton: When I think about how I have no light left before my life is half over, and that this gift (sight) w (MORE)

When did John Milton became blind?

John Milton became totally blind by 1654. There is a bit of debate  on the subject, but most agree the cause was either glaucoma or  bilateral retinal detachment.
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Who was John Milton?

  Milton, Poet and "seeker of truth"   He was the author of the English epic poem Paradise Lost. Born in 1608 to a wealthy London family. His father instilled in him (MORE)

Why was John Milton imprisoned?

His imprisonment was one of the earliest examples of censorship by the government. He was publishing works on divorce, which the authorities considered to be a touchy subject. (MORE)
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