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How do you peel an eggplant?

Basically the same way you peel any vegetable. A vegetable peeler works pretty well, though can be hard to get started with. A sharp paring knife will work well also. Pop und (MORE)

How to peel peaches?

  To make peeling peaches easier, blanch them in water first.   Bring a pot of water to boil, big enough to hold several peaches at a time, fully submerged. Using a slo (MORE)

How do you peel rhubarb?

It is not necessary to peel rhubarb although you may with to pull away any 'strings' along the length
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What can peel a banana?

If you leave your banana in the microwave on defrost for 2 minutes  your banana peel should come right off without turning the actual  banana mushy
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Do you have to peel mango's?

I highly recomend you peel the Mango, then wash your hands and the Mango. The Mango is in the toxicondendron family (AKA the poison ivy family). The peel of a Mango contains U (MORE)
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Why do sunburns peel?

Because the skin is damaged and your body needs to remove it to replace it with new healthy skin.
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Why do your hands peel?

Peeling Hands Your hands can peel due to many different things: 1. Soap that you are using may be drying out your skin 2. You may be allergic to something you are using or (MORE)

What does peel mean?

means to take apart. LIKE AN ORANGE ! hope that helped :]  it also means in history  P-MAKING A POINT  E-GIVE SUPPORTING EVIDENCE  E-EXPALIN THAT POINT FULLY  L-LINK IT B (MORE)

How do you peel potatoes?

With a knife. Carefully. And don't cut too much off or you're just wasting it. :) For a couple dollars you can pick up a potato peeler - a tool used specifically for peeling (MORE)