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How do you peel a tomato?

Drop the fresh tomato into a pot of boiling water for one minute then remove the tomato. The skin should come right off
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How do you peel a beet?

Boil the beet, run it under cold water (so you don't burn your fingers) and the peel should slip right off.
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What is peeling?

peeling is taking the skin off a fruit or vegtable "Peeling" in skin care refers to the removing of the top most layer of dead skin cells to reveal the fresh layer of new an (MORE)

What did Robert peel do?

Sir Robert Peel was twice the Prime Minister of England, and he  created the Metropolitan police. Peel was educated at Harrow and  Oxford, and entered parliament as a Tory i (MORE)

How do you peel a pumpkin?

I assume you are peeling it with the intention of eating it. The easiest way to peel it is to cut it in half, scrape out the seeds, and bake it for an hour or so until soft. (MORE)
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Why do you have to peel peppers to can them?

Canning will make the skin of the peppers very tough. That's why pepper canning recipes generally include peeling.
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Why do you peel carrots?

  Most people just don't like the texture of the skin. As long as the carrot is properly washed it should not matter, in fact much of the nutrients are in the skin, as wit (MORE)

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