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How did john ross die?

John Ross died in a gunpowder explosion. He joined the military and  was in a storehouse guarding when ammunition exploded in the  building.
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Why did Harriet Ross and John Tubman divorce?

Harriet Ross (Better known as Harriet Tubman) divorced John because  they both escaped from their masters but John got scared and  convinced her along with her brothers to g (MORE)

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What color was john brown?

    If by "color" you are referring his race or ethnicity; John Brown was in fact caucasian. That is a common confusion as a result of him being an abolitionist and he (MORE)

Why was John Brown guilty of treason?

John Brown was guilty of treason because he made war against the United States by attacking and taking control of the US military installation at Harper's Ferry.
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What was the importance of John Brown?

He tried to steal government weapons in order to arm the slaves and start a national rebellion. This made Southerners feel that the Abolitionist movement was in favour of viol (MORE)

What did John Brown accomplish?

  John brown successfully lead a attack on harpers ferry he attack the US armory that stored rifles and weapon's. the raid also set the nation towards the civil war.
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Captured John Brown?

John Brown was captured by the authorities after his attempted raid  on Harper's ferry. John Brown was an American abolitionist.
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