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How did john ross die?

John Ross died in a gunpowder explosion. He joined the military and  was in a storehouse guarding when ammunition exploded in the  building.
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Why did Harriet Ross and John Tubman divorce?

Harriet Ross (Better known as Harriet Tubman) divorced John because  they both escaped from their masters but John got scared and  convinced her along with her brothers to g (MORE)

When did Betsy Ross' husband John Ross die?

he died in 1758 Sheyer did not check enough sources. John and Betsy Ross were married in 1773, well after 1758. They opened an upholsery shop together. The Revolution was in (MORE)

Was john brown a hero?

John brown was a hero .He faut for what he believed in and that's all that matters. (So did Hitler and the Al Qaeda skyjackers!) He murdered a number of people over their (MORE)
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Why was john brown hung?

John Brown was an abolitionist who was charged with treason, murder  and insurrection. He was hanged on December 2, 1859.

What did John Brown do?

John Brown (May 9, 1800-December 2, 1859) opposed the slave holding practices of the Southern states in the 19th century. Specifically, he was such a fervent abolitionist th (MORE)

Why did John Brown go to jail?

Harper's Ferry John Brown went to jail because of his attack on Harper's Ferry. Some of the army found him the next day and captured him. They held him in jail for a few hours (MORE)

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Who influenced john brown on his raid?

Most likely he was inflluenced by: 1 -the insurrectionary ideas expressed of Count Charles Bianco of Saint-Jorioz, who in 1830s had published in Europa a treatise focused on t (MORE)