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Does Sebastian take Ciel's soul?

No. Unfortunately for Sebastian, during the battle with Angela/Ash his arm that contained the seal for his contract with Ciel was torn off, thus voiding the contract between t (MORE)

Was Johann Sebastian Bach rich?

  J.S. Bach was very poor during his lifetime. Thanks to the hard work of his loving wide, Anna Magdalena, his works were preserved until Mendelsohn happened upon them. Ov (MORE)

Where did Saint Sebastian grow up?

He was born at Narbonne in Gaul, but grew up in Milan, Italy with his parents.
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How did Guy Sebastian become famous?

Guy Theodore Sebastian became famous on Australian Idol singing the song Last Night Crazy in Love
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What are at least facts about Saint Sebastian?

St. Sebastian's feast day is January 20th. Sebastian was born at  Narbonne, Gaul in the year 256. He became a soldier in the Roman  army in about 283, and was made captain a (MORE)

Who is Sebastian in the mortal instruments?

Sebastian is the son of Valentine and Jocelyn and also the brother of Clary. Sebastian is also half Downworlder who is helping his father on his quest to take over the Nephili (MORE)

Where was Sebastian Cermeno born?

Sebastian Cermeno (aka Sebastiao Soromenho) was born in Portugal  around 1560. He was an early explorer of California, one of his  ships being wrecked in what is now called (MORE)