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What did Johann Sebastian Bach die of?

It is not known with certainty, but he got blind some time before he died, and had eye surgery that went bad, so he could died from complications of that surgery. But the sour (MORE)

What is Johann Sebastian bach noted for?

J.S. Bach has been noted for several things. Mostly it is his reputation of writing music. As far as this is concerned though, there are three sides: pro-Bachists; Anti-Bachis (MORE)

Where did Johann Sebastian Bach study?

He studied his first intrument with home studies. When his mother died he moved to his older brother which he continued music studies at home. When he grew older, he went to S (MORE)

WHO did Johann Sebastian Bach compose for?

J.S. Bach operated under the patronage system, meaning he had patrons who paid him a salary to produce music for them. Notable ones were the Duke Johann Ernst during Bach's ti (MORE)
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What are facts about Saint Sebastian?

The Catholic Encyclopedia tells us that little more than the fact  of his martyrdom near the end of the third century can be proved  about St. Sebastian. Even then, his mart (MORE)

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