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Is Shakespeare copyrighted?

  Since Shakespeare wrote about 400 years ago, his works are in public domain. Usually after 50 or 100 years (depending on local law) a work passes into public domain at w (MORE)

How many children did john and Mary shakespeare have?

John and Mary Shakespeare had 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys. The first Joan died when she was a baby, as did Margaret. William became the oldest of the following six. The sec (MORE)

Who invented Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is the world's pre-eminment dramatist and poet. "Who invented Shakespeare" is a completely meaningless question.
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What do oranges have to do with Shakespeare?

Nell Gwyn, the famous Restoration Shakespearean actress, was formerly an orange seller. Oranges were sold to the audience at the Globe, and some may have been thrown at Shakes (MORE)

Where was Shakespeare from?

Stratford-Upon-Avon was where he was born and where he was buried. His grave is there today and has a curse on whoever digs him up.   The beautiful market town of Stratford (MORE)

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Who is John Shakespeare to William Shakespeare?

John Shakespeare (c. 1531 - September 1601) was the father of William Shakespeare. He was a glover. John Shakespeare was a successful and well connected man during the early p (MORE)

How did john shakespeare die?

  he died of a disease called malaria      John Ross died by a ammunition explosion.
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