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Who is Kevin Sullivan?

A pro-wrestler and was champion several times. A satanist, and people have accused him of killing Chris Benoit and his family, as much of the evidence does point to him.
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What did Anne Sullivan do?

Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller. She taught her to read and write braille. She also taught her to understand the words Anne wrote in her hand. She first communicated with He (MORE)

What is the Sullivan rule?

In the case of New York Times v. Sullivan, the United States Supreme Court ruled that free speech included a citizen's right to criticize government officials even if statemen (MORE)

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How old is John Sullivan?

There are a large number of celebrities (mostly in sports) with this name. (see the related question) John Jeremiah Sullivan (writer) will be 43 years old in 2017 (born 1974) (MORE)

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