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When does Sherlock Holmes first meet Watson?

They first met in 'A study in scarlet' when a mutual acquaintance named Stamford introduced them because they were both looking for a place to live but could not afford the re (MORE)

How did Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes become roommates?

After a mutual acquaintance named Stamford learned that they both were looking for a roommate to share expenses, he introduced them. They met the next day at 221B Baker Street (MORE)

When did Sherlock Holmes and dr Watson live in the Sherlock Holmes musuem?

They didn't. They are fictional characters and 221B Baker Street did not exist. In the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes lived at 221B from approximately 18 (MORE)

Who was the character Watson in the Sherlock Holmes stories?

Watson is described as an intelligent man, if lacking in Holmes' insight. He serves as a perfect foil for Holmes: the ordinary man against the brilliant, emotionally-detached (MORE)

Did Sherlock Holmes get in fights with Watson?

There were no fights recorded in the books however there are at least two notable passages. In 'The Adventure of the Dying Detective' we find this passage: ___I have so de (MORE)

What are the difference between Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson about thinking?

Sherlock Holmes is a master of induction, the process of breaking  down information and coming up with a educated guess, he is also  almost always in his own little world. ( (MORE)
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