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Who was the wife of King William IV?

The wife of William IV was Queen Adelaide, a German princess. Adelaide's full name was Adelheid Amalie Luise Theresa Carolin of Saxe-Meiningen. After she married the heir to (MORE)

When will Prince William be king?

When the queen dies or retires princes charles will have the decision to become king or pass it down to william. And if charles becomes king then if he dies or retires william (MORE)

Was William ever the King of England?

Answer   There have been four kings named William in British History.   William I (the Conqueror) reigned as King of England from 25th December 1066 until his death on 9 (MORE)
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Who is King William V?

King William V is the future regal name for His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales when he ascends to the British throne if his father is bypassed or i (MORE)

Was King John a good King?

It really depends, as lots of historians disagree about the matter. There were some good aspects about him, some bad. The only thing thing that historians can agree on is the (MORE)

Was bad King John a bad king?

King John was a bad king because he lost the english crown jewels in a swamp lost all their land in France. He was happy for a robber to kill a priest that was his enemy and w (MORE)

Was King John a powerful king?

he was powerful and bad at the same timehe imprisoned barons, and gave high taxes so he could have the money for himselfeventually the barons rebelled and over powered him, wh (MORE)

Why did William want to become king?

William came from a wealthy family, and was the Duke of Normandy.  He felt that these traits put him in a favorable position to reign  in England as King.
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Why is King William III famous?

Besides being King of England, William III is famous because he was one of the monarchs during the only time in British History when two people have shared the throne equally. (MORE)