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Why did atticus pick a Cunningham for the jury?

Atticus appears to have been able to accurately assess character by  carefully studying how people react to situations. He knew the  Cunningham's to be poor, but proud and a (MORE)

Who was Merce Cunningham?

  Answer   Merce Cunningham was a famous choreographer and dancer (since the age of 13) who created a genre of dance called dance by chance which relies on a toss of (MORE)

What is a Cunningham agreement?

A Cunningham agreement is based off a Florida Supreme Court case. In insurance litigation, an injured claimant often wants to "open up" the insured's policy limits and sue the (MORE)

Who is Walter Cunningham?

Walter Cunningham is a farmer boy in Scouts first grade class, who does not have a lunch and wont take money from the teacher because he cant pay it back. Scout gets in troubl (MORE)

What does scout talk to Mr Cunningham about what does he do after this?

She starts talking to him about his legal entailments and his son, and asks him to tell his son "hey." All of the men stare at her. Mr. Cunningham, suddenly ashamed, squats do (MORE)
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Does Cunningham have lockers?

There are lockers in the classrooms (homeroom directly) which assists you by holding your belongings.