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What is Johnny Depp most famous role?

Of all Depp's characters, Captain Jack Sparrow is probably the most recognized. Runners up would be Edward Scissorhands and Icabod Crane. It's not surprising that two of three (MORE)
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Who was Johnny Addie?

Johnny Addie was a ring announcer. From 1948 to 1962, Johnny Addie was an announcer at St. Nicholas Arena in New York City. He was eventually inducted into the World Boxing Ha (MORE)

Who is johnny massacre?

Johnny Massacre is the creator of the Twin Vulcan brand. He is a DJ, music producer, rapper, punk vocalist and novelist. He is the sole creator of Twin Vulcan's first music re (MORE)

Who was Johnny Cash?

Johnny Cash was a famous country singer known for his deep voice and dressing mostly in black. Some of the songs he is notable for are:   * Ring of Fire  * A Boy Named S (MORE)

Who is Johnny in The Outsiders?

Johnny is Ponyboy's best friend. He is like a puppy being kicked around too much. He has that scared look in his dark eyes. He has long black hair. His mother ignores him, and (MORE)

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Who is johnnie Taylor?

Johnnie Taylor was an American musician who sang things from blues,  pop and gospel. He died of a heart attack in the year of 2000.

Who is Johnny Rivers?

  Johnny Rivers * Alternative Name: John Ramistella * Genre: Rock * Active: '60s - 2000s * Instruments: Vocals, Guitar Biography Among the most successful yet u (MORE)

Where is johnny rivers?

Johnny Rivers is an American songwriter, singer, record producer  and guitarist. He is born in the year 1942 in New York City.  RiverÕs repertoire included folk, pop, old t (MORE)