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How much Social Security do they deduct from your paycheck?

The specific amount withheld should be shown on your payment stub or direct deposit receipt, and is labeled FICA. A total of 7.65% of your pre-tax income (6.2% for Social Se (MORE)

What is the average paycheck for restaurant manager?

Average Restaurant Manager makes anywhere between $55,000 - $90,000 plus quaterly bounses. Asst Managers will make $35,000 - $55,000. Hours are really long 12-15 hour days and (MORE)

What does ncmw mean on paycheck?

It is a North Carolina deduction and means "North Carolina Married Withholding." How disgusting is that?! My family loses $150 to it a month... I TEACH for the state, for a co (MORE)

Does Publix hold your first paycheck?

No Publix does not "hold" any paychecks. The pay period ends on  Friday night, and you are paid the following Wednesday-Friday,  depending on your preferred method of delive (MORE)
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What does YTD mean on paycheck?

"YTD" means Year-To-Date. It is the period starting January 1 of the current year until the last day of the pay cycle. Current means what you made that pay period.
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Can you request no taxes be taken out of your paycheck?

You can request that no federal income tax be taken out of your paycheck. You cannot request that no Social Security tax be taken. State tax rules vary by state. But be awar (MORE)

When will you get your final paycheck from the air force?

It depends, if you are retiring you should get your final paycheck on the next pay date (I.e. 1st or 15th of the month). If you are separating then your final pay should be pa (MORE)

Can FICA and medicare be withheld monthly from paychecks?

The required amounts are calculated on your gross earning for each pay period and withheld at that time before your net take home paycheck is issued to you. Your employer is r (MORE)