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What is a joke?

A joke is a statement, question, or story used with the intent ofmaking someone laugh. Joke means to tell someone about a humorous conversation, orincident or a fictitious nar (MORE)

Do you have liar jokes?

I have more liar jokes than anyone in the world! (he said) --------------- "I am the biggest liar in the world", said Pat. "No, you're not," said Mick, "I am!" "Prove (MORE)

Are you joking?

i wont say you never said to say the answer it only said answer it but didnt say to write with letters boo

What are jokes for?

Jokes exist to make people laugh. Jokes also exist to make smile onyour face also to make you happy whenever you are tense.

What makes a joke a joke?

A joke is something that people can relate to but find it funny. IT probably isn't funny if it was you that it happened to . But sometimes a joke is mocking people in other (MORE)