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When did Jonah die?

Not sure. The book of Jonah ends with him waiting for Nineveh to burn for their sins. I don't think we ever really find out exactly when he died.
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What did Jonah do?

Jonah refused to go to the place God told him to goto, he went the opposite way. God sent a storm , and he was swallowed by a whale , he was in the belly of the whale for thre (MORE)
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What is the Moral of Jonah?

To bring peace to the world and to encourage vegetarinism. and to embrace the world of games
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Why did Jonah disobey?

  The reason for Jonah's disobedience was he knew all about Niniva and there evil ways. He knew How mean they were to each other and people who came to the city. He told G (MORE)
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What happened to Jonah?

He was saved from the belly of a large fish. It says and I quote "Now the LORD has prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah."
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Where was Jonah written?

The book of Jonah was completed in c. 844 B.C.E. He was the son of the prophet Amittai of Gath-hepher in Galilee in the territory of Zebulun. At 2 Kings 14:23-25 it speaks tha (MORE)
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Is Jonahs' possessive?

Yes, the form Jonahs' is the possessive form of  the plural noun Jonahs.   The singular possessive form is Jonah's.    EXAMPLES   singular possessive: Mr. Jona (MORE)

Is jonah a prophet?

In religion, a prophet, from the Greek word προφήτης (profétés) meaning "advocate", is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the (MORE)

How did Jonah get to Nineveh?

In Jonah 2:10 the fish spit up Jonah on the beach. In Jonah 3:1-4 the Lord told Jonah again to go to the city of Nineveh and he reached the city this time. It's not written ho (MORE)