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Who is Barney Livingston?

  Barney Livingston is a lead character of Erich Segal's famous fiction work 'The Doctors'. The story revolves around Harvard Medical School class of 1962 and has an inter (MORE)

What are seagulls adaptations?

Adaptations · Wings to escape attackers · A hooked beak for tearing through flesh and shell · Excellent eyesight to spot prey · Sharp claws (talons) to grab prey and (MORE)

What made Jonathan different from other seagulls in the story about Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach?

Mevina said: Jonathan Livingston Seagull differed from the other seagulls in Richard Bach's story of the same name, in that Jonathan became aware of himself as a being capable (MORE)

How are seagulls adapted?

Seagulls have  adapted to their lives by changing their appearance. One of their  adaptations is hooked claws to attack but now they use it to hold  food such as your fish (MORE)
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Where is leigh livingston?

leigh livingston, real name Michelle Keeling is married with a  daughter and lives in Paso Robels CA
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Who is David livingstone?

David Livingstone was a Scottish missionary and explorer during the late 1800's. He explored extensively in southern and central Africa, which included the first sighting of V (MORE)

What is the moral lesson of Jonathan livingston seagull and why?

it teaches us to do what you want to do ignoring what others will think of you.. but we should full heartedly practice to achieve our dream just like Jonathon Livingston ,eac (MORE)