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Who is Tiffany Jones?

Tiffany Jones is a young African American female truly from from the streets of Philly, moved down to Virginia at a young age, she is currently a big fan of fried chicken and (MORE)

Who is Tia Jones?

There is nobody by the name of "Tia Jones" in Pirates of the Caribbean but there was a Tia Dalma, she was a mystic who was Calypso bound in human form.
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Who is Hatty Jones?

Hatty Jones got the role of Madeline in the Movie Madeline. She really had short blonde hair instead of the red hair that she needed to be Madeline but the judges loved her so (MORE)

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Who is Genevieve Jones?

Deemed the black Paris Hilton.Genevieve Jones is a New York socialite ,unlike the famous for being famous star Jones was born in working class America mother a homemaker and f (MORE)

Brief summary of Indiana Jones 1?

Nazis try to find the Ark of the Covenant, which they want to use to rule the world. Indy, teamed with his old flame Marian Ravenwood (Karen Allen), try to find it first. They (MORE)