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What type of guitar does Joni Mitchell play?

  I assume you mean what brand of guitar (?). I've looked at a bunch of picture of her from the late 60s - early 70s, and she seemed to play a Martin acoustic pretty consi (MORE)

Is joni mitchell sick?

  No, Joni Mitchell is not sick. She is alive and well and focusing on her artwork. She was an artist (painting) before she became a well known singer/songwriter.
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How many albums did Joni Mitchell do?

Studio releases1968: Song to a Seagull1969: Clouds1970: Ladies of the Canyon1971: Blue1972: For the Roses1974: Court and Spark1975: The Hissing of Summer Lawns1976: Hejira1977 (MORE)
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When Is Joni Mitchell going to tour?

  It is not likely that she will tour again. Very sad but true. Health problems notwithstanding, touring is an arduous business. She does not need the money and she does n (MORE)

Where is the empire hotel in the Joni Mitchell song Raised on Robbery?

There was once an Empire Hotel in Huntsville, Ontario Canada.  Joni Mitchell (1943- ) The famous singer/songwriter grew up in Saskatoon. Her mother was a school teacher, her (MORE)

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