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Who founded the Cadillac motor company?

  The Cadillac Automobile Company hired Henry Leland. He founded both Cadillac(1905) and Lincoln(1917).   The Cadillac Automobile Company was one the United States' ear (MORE)
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How do you Travel from Israel to Jordan by rent car?

It's not possible. There are three crossings between Jordan and Israel: Wadi Araba Crossing/South   Border, located in the south, connecting the two   Red Sea resorts (MORE)

Is the company General Motors American?

Yes. General Motors Corporation, commonly known as GM, is a North American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. General Motors acts in most countrie (MORE)

Who owns general motors company?

The US Treasury will initially own 60% of the "New GM," while the Canadian and Ontario governments together have 12% in exchange for $9.5 billion in financing. The United Auto (MORE)

List of Michael Jordan cars?

Ferrari 599 Ferrari F430 Mercedes SL Range Rover Mclaren F1 Mercedes CL Chevy Tahoe that's all i know but there is more 33 more cars ......

How did Michael Jordan start his Jordan shoe company?

He started out with a Nike contract offer in 1984. He accepted and  then eventually went on to make his own shoe company "Jordan  Brand".     Nike started Jordan B (MORE)

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