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What is the favorite color of Daniel Padilla?

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Is Daniel Padilla related to Zsa Zsa Padilla?

Daniel Padilla is a famous young actor of the Philippines. The Padilla's are well known in the entertainment industry of the Philippines. His mother is a former actress and (MORE)

Is Anthony Padilla a vegetarian?

Yes, he is. While it is not currently known how long Anthony has  been a strict vegetarian, it is well known that he has been  practicing this diet belief for quite sometime (MORE)
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What is favorite perfume of Daniel padilla?

My Favorite Perfume of Daniel Padilla is Prada Tendre I am using this Perfume since last two year ago.... Its very nice Perfumes Its Scent of citrus, mandarin, neroli, ber (MORE)

Where does Anthony padilla live?

Either him or Ian Hecox (they might live together) lives on 44  kingbolson street. according to a you tube video where i noticed  the street name.   -------------------- (MORE)
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Who is the girlfriend of Daniel padilla?

First wala po siyang Girlfriend at mali po yung nagkaroon si  Daniel nang 20 na girlfriends di po yun totoo nagkaroon lang po  siya ng 4 na girlfriends kada year may girlfri (MORE)