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How did Josef Mengele escape?

He seems to have taken his time, I wonder if he trusted or could  access Operation paperclip.   It was a bit of a mess with the man probably leaving false trails  or his (MORE)

What did people think about Josef Mengele?

    the children that he performed the experiments on thought he was actually a very kind man. He often showed up with handfuls of candy and discussed music with the k (MORE)

What did Josef Mengele do?

Josef Mengele experimented on thousands of jews and most of the experiments he did were on twins or people with abnormalities. Almost all of the people who were experimented o (MORE)

Why did Josef Mengele experiment on people?

  well....first of all Josef Mengele, through out his carreer, always had a special interest in twins and dwarfs. Basically because there were so few and for him, they wer (MORE)

Was josef mengele mental?

I don't think it's ever seriously been suggested, and I've never heard anyone mention any evidence of it. he was a bit obsesive, he was very driven. As 'mental' is not a very (MORE)