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Who was Dr. Josef Mengele?

Josef Mengele, M.D., PhD (March 16, 1911 - February 7, 1979) was a Nazi German physician who performed experiments that were condemned as murderously sadistic on prisoners in (MORE)

How did Josef Mengele escape?

He seems to have taken his time, I wonder if he trusted or could  access Operation paperclip.   It was a bit of a mess with the man probably leaving false trails  or his (MORE)

What is Josef Mengele famous for?

Josef Mengele was famous for being the head doctor of performing atrocious medical experiments on the Jews, the Undesirables and traitors (to the Third Reich). The experiments (MORE)

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Was joseF mengele a psychopath?

Not necessarily. Hitlers Anti-Jewish Propagnda in the 1930's  coupled with anti-Semitic feelings that already existed in Europe  helped dehumanize the victims of these exper (MORE)

Who is Josef Mengele in Night?

he is the crazy doctor who examined Jews upon entrance to the camps to see if they should be killed in the gas chambers or sent to the concentration camp.

What happened to Josef Mengele after the war?

In 1949, with the aid of his family and former SS contacts, Mengele escapes to Buenos Aires in Argentina, obtaining a West German passport and identity card under his own name (MORE)

Who is Josef Mengele - holocaust?

He was a German SS officer and a physician in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. He achieved the Hauptsturmführer or captain rank. Also known as the angel of death, he co (MORE)

What do people think about Josef Mengele?

Josef Mengele was a German officer and physician in Auschwitz whose  experiments with the prisoners, particularly regarding genetics  with twins, horrified the world when th (MORE)