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Who was Joseph?

Joseph was the step-father to Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ!!!. Joseph in the Old Testament was a boy that his brothers sold to Egypt. Joseph married a daughter of the priest (MORE)

Who is Joseph?

There are several Josephs mentioned in the Bible. The first was one of 12 sons of Jacob (Israel). He was sold into slavery by 10 of his brothers, and became a ruler in Egypt. (MORE)

Who was Joseph Lister?

He was a British surgeon who spread the concept ofsterilization prior to surgery. Prior to his efforts, going tosurgery was one of the most dangerous things a person could do, (MORE)

Who is Joseph Jacquard?

Joseph-Marie Jacquard (1752-1834) was a French inventor who developed a system of punched cards used to program the operation of mechanical equipment. First used for the opera (MORE)

Who is Joseph Peebles?

Joseph Peebles is an action/adventure, American author. His book, "Full House Throttle" is the sequel to his first novel, The Stickman & the Crow . The third novel with (MORE)
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Who is St. Joseph?

There are many saints named Joseph, but the most well-known St. Joseph is the husband of Mary, and Jesus' earthy father. Joseph was a carpenter by trade, and is the patron sai (MORE)

Who is Joseph Gonzalez?

There are many people named Joseph Gonzalez. One is an actor who appeared in several movies in the 1980's and one episode of the television series "Law & Order" in 1997.

When was Joseph written?

"The Lord" and Tim Rice wrote Joseph on the back of jesus Christ Superstar. The actual concept grew between 1969 and 1970 The first American production was in May 1970, at Cat (MORE)

Why was Joseph called Joseph the dreamer?

When he was still a child, Joseph often dreamed dreams which could tell the future. Now, said future is set in an unknown timeline. This could be soon or in the years to come. (MORE)