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What was Joseph listers accomplishment?

Joseph Lister developed antiseptic surgery, saving innumerable  patients from the dreadful pain and death of post-surgical  infection by ensuring that surgical wounds were s (MORE)

What is Joseph Lister famous for?

He was a doctor. He invented the antiseptic carbolic acid (phenol) in water and advocated the role of cleanliness in medical procedures. Later a much diluted form of his antis (MORE)

Why is Joseph lister important in science?

it was important because before him people were dying from surgery because the wounds got infected. so he invented phenol to clean the tools and wounds.
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Why is Joseph Lister famous?

Joseph Lister was a surgin who reduced the mortality rate of amputations from over 40% down to 5% by introducing asepsis to surgery. He also invented the use of catgut surture (MORE)
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Full names of Joseph lister?

Joseph Lister's full name was "Joseph Lister." Plain and simple, he  had no middle name. In 1883 he awarded a baronetcy for his work,  and thus could be addressed as, "Sir J (MORE)

How did Joseph Lister apply Pasteur's findings?

Pasteur showed that microbes could cause food to rot, even in the  absence of air. Lister speculated that these same microbes led to  infection in human wounds, and that kil (MORE)

Was Joseph Lister knighted?

No, he received a higher honour.   The baronetcy that Lister received in 1883 is considered of greater  prestige than a knighthood. And his Order of Merit in 1902 is one (MORE)