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What is a Maxwell car?

An american auto built from 1904 to 1925 originally in Tarrytown, NY later in New Castle IN. The company was in financial trouble when bought (along with other auto companies) (MORE)

Who was James Maxwell and what did he do?

He is famous for his theory of electromagnetics, described in his  "Treatise on electricity and magnetism", published in 1873, which  is the basis for electrical physics, el (MORE)
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Who is Alfred glenn maxwell?

Alfred Glenn Maxwell was the husband of June Allison. He married her twice and divorced her twice. He is the author of a book called, Glances At Eternity, in which he describe (MORE)
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Is Nikki maxwell real?

No, she's just a fictional character, but I think her characteristics might be impacted by Rachel Renee Russell, because her daughter's name is Nikki.

What is a Maxwell award?

The Maxwell Award is presented annually to the collegiate American football player judged by a panel of sportscasters, sportswriters, and National Collegiate Athletic Associat (MORE)