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What did the Jewish historian Josephus think of Jesus?

The Jewish historian Josephus wrote a history called Antiquities of the Jews, which includes a passage called the Testamonium Flavianum, which is believed to be authentic, alt (MORE)

Is Josephus mentioned in the Bible?

  No. The Bible is entirely about events that occurred before the time of Josephus. However, some scholars say that the author of Luke's Gospel and Acts of the Apostles re (MORE)

Who is Josephus in Luke's Gospel?

A: Josephus was a priest in Jerusalem, then the Jewish military commander of Galilee at the start of the First Roman-Jewish War. He defected to the Romans and prophesied that (MORE)

If the Jews believes in a Messiah and if Josephus wrote about Jesus as the Messiah did Josephus then convert to Christianity?

Jesus is presumed real. The problem is that people often do not  change their minds even after sufficient proof is offered. Josephus  may have had sufficient proof that Jesu (MORE)

Did Josephus write Iliad and the O dyssey?

It is said that Josephus was as cunning of a writer as Homer who wrote about Athene and Odysseus in the Odyssey, he wrote history in his version as he went along just like Hom (MORE)

Did Josephus mention Jesus?

Although the text has been altered over the centuries, it is clear that Josephus, in a famous passage now known as the Testamonium Flavinium, mentioned the Christian religion, (MORE)

Why did Josephus not believe in Jesus as Christ?

The relevant passage in "Antiquities of the Jews" is:-    "Now, there was about this time, Jesus, a wise man, if it be  lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of (MORE)
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Does Josephus say that Mary Magdalene was John the apostle's wife?

Josephus (see link below) writes that Herod had John the Baptist  arrested because John had so many followers that Herod feared they  might begin a rebellion. Herod later ha (MORE)

What does Josephus tell us about Jesus?

A:Josephus was the only non-Christian writer of the first century who makes reference to Jesus. The only significant reference he made to Jesus is both indirect and second ha (MORE)