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What does it mean if you are a journeyman?

  A journeyman electrician consists of extended knowledge of electric-(electromotive force) the energy supplied by a source of electric power in driving a unit charge arou (MORE)

What is a journeyman millwright?

The term "Journeyman" generally refers to a person who has completed a nationally certified apprenticeship in a trade. One such trade is a "Millwright" A millwright is a struc (MORE)

Can you charge out as much for a journeyman as a master plumber?

Many master plumbers send out employees who are not master card holders and still charge the same rate. In locations that do not require an employee to have any type of licens (MORE)

In the middle ages what is a journeyman?

In most guilds, the guild members were people who had achieved the rank of master by having a master work judged and accepted. A journeyman was a man who had completed his app (MORE)

What is a journeyman mason?

A Journeyman stone mason is a stone mason who has completed  their studies in either a college or as a apprentice. They then  have the choice to go on 'The Waltz' in which t (MORE)