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What does it mean if you are a journeyman?

A journeyman electrician consists of extended knowledge of electric-(electromotive force) the energy supplied by a source of electric power in driving a unit charge around a c (MORE)

What is a journeyman millwright?

The term "Journeyman" generally refers to a person who has completed a nationally certified apprenticeship in a trade. One such trade is a "Millwright" A millwright is a struc (MORE)

How do you become a journeyman meat cutter?

  a journeyman cutter is a person whom has completed an apprenticeship and mastered cutting skills/shop operations. I am currently a journeyman meat cutter and the apprent (MORE)

What is a journeyman welder?

\nIn a union shop, there are three levels of workers: apprentices, who are being trained in their trade; journeymen, who are proficient; and master tradesmen, who train appre (MORE)

In the middle ages what is a journeyman?

In most guilds, the guild members were people who had achieved the rank of master by having a master work judged and accepted. A journeyman was a man who had completed his app (MORE)

What is a journeyman?

A journeyman is someone who has learned a trade or a craft under a  master. Once he has finished his apprentice training, his next step  is to find employment to continue le (MORE)

What is a journeyman mason?

A Journeyman stone mason is a stone mason who has completed  their studies in either a college or as a apprentice. They then  have the choice to go on 'The Waltz' in which t (MORE)