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Who did Juan Ponce De Leon work for?

As a young man Juan Ponce de Leon worked as a squire for Pedro  Nunez de Guzman, who was Knight Commander of the Order of  Calatrava. His years as an explorer were spent in (MORE)

What is a timeline of Juan Ponce de Leon?

 Juan Ponce de Leon was born in Santervas, Spain  Juan Ponce de Leon came from a noble Spanish family and was well educated as befitted his status and would have been taugh (MORE)

What did Juan Ponce de Leon die from?

Juan Ponce De Leon died in July 1521 from a wound from an arrow poisoned with the sap of the Manchineel tree that he received in a battle with the Calusa tribe while on an exp (MORE)

Did Juan ponce de leon have kids?

Yes! Juan Ponce De Leon did have kids! Their names are: Luis, Juana, Maria, and Isabel I hope this helped with what ever your working with or on!
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Who was juan gines de sepulveda?

Spanish humanist and scholar of the 16th century. Born in Spain, he was trained in Italy as a Latin scholar and wrote one of the best translations of Aristotle's great works o (MORE)

Who was Juan de miralles?

He was the first unofficial Spanish observer of the Continental Congress during the Revolution. He was incredibly popular and befriended Washington, John Jay, and many other C (MORE)

What was juan ponce de leon's education?

He was formally educated in fighting skills, manners, and religion, but he was also a skilled leader and commander.
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