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What is invented Juan Salcedo?

he launches the biggest and most unbelievable project in the History of Medicine in the Philippines. This Bataan project was called "Enriched Rice," prevented for Beriberi and (MORE)

When did Juan Ponce de Leon die?

Juan Ponce De Leon died in July 1521 from a wound from an arrow supposedly poisoned with the sap of the Manchineel tree that he received in a battle with the Calusa tribe whil (MORE)

What is Juan Ponce de Leon famous for?

Juan Ponce de Leon (1460-1521) He was famous for his search for the fabled "Fountain of Youth" near Bimini and for his discovery of Florida (which he named for the Easter feas (MORE)

What was Juan Ponce de leon goal?

Juan Ponce De Leon's goal was to find land and gold for Spain  documents and letter he wrote him self don't say any thing about  the fountain of youth
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Who was juan gines de sepulveda?

Spanish humanist and scholar of the 16th century. Born in Spain, he was trained in Italy as a Latin scholar and wrote one of the best translations of Aristotle's great works o (MORE)

Who was Juan de miralles?

He was the first unofficial Spanish observer of the Continental Congress during the Revolution. He was incredibly popular and befriended Washington, John Jay, and many other C (MORE)

What are the contributions of Juan Salcedo Jr?

Juan Salcedo was a Secretary of the Department of Health in the Philippines. He is well-known for his work in nutrition and public health, going so far as to establish a nonpr (MORE)

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