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What is Mu 1?

Mu-1 (μ-1) is a relation between flight speed (mph) and rotor speed (rpm) where the μ-value is equal to 1. A slower rotor speed means better fuel efficiency.   According (MORE)

What is phi mu?

Phi Mu is the second oldest greek organization for women founded in 1852 at Weselyan College in Macon Georgia. Phi Mu is known as a "fraternity" because the word "sorority" wa (MORE)

Free MU Online accounts?

if you want free mu accounts go here and do some offers and get points and make a custom reward to tell them what you want and wait and you will have it i got 20$ gift card fr (MORE)

How do you get to mu?

i realized how to get to mu is simple just do what the ghost say if you start on the right go down and if you start down go to the right and if you start on the left go up if (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

20c + 5 = 5c + 65 Divide through by 5: 4c + 1 = c + 13 Subtract c from both sides: 3c + 1 = 13 Subtract 1 from both sides: 3c = 12 Divide both sides by 3: c = 4
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How do you spell mu?

The spelling "mu" is the name of a Greek letter comparable to M. It is also used as the name of a hypothetical supercontinent Mu, that formed and broke up again as a result (MORE)
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What is the meaning of mu in love?

MU is an abbreviation for mutal understanding. Mutual understanding is important in love and relationships because two people must know where the other stands in terms of life (MORE)
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How do you figure sigma or mu in statistics?

Sigma is used to represent the standard deviation of a dataset. The  calculation is rather complex, but if you think of it as the "root  of the mean of the squares of the di (MORE)