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Who is Juan Flavier?

Juan Martin Flavier (1935-2014) was a politician from the  Philippines, where he served as Secretary of the Department of  Health and as a senator. He was trained as a Medic (MORE)
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Where was Juan Gris from?

Juan Gris was born in Madrid on March 23, 1887. He moved to Paris, France in 1906, he lived and worked there, and he followed the artist Picasso. He began his conversion to sy (MORE)

What did Vicente Fox do for Mexico?

Not much. Cold numbers speak for themselves:     Mexican GDP growth during his term (2000 - 2006) averaged  2.2%  Real wages decreased 3.8% to US$7.07 per day, from (MORE)

Who was Juan Seguin?

He was one of the heroes of the Texas revolution, fighting on the side of the Texans despite his being from a prominent Tejano family and an upstanding Mexican citizen. He sur (MORE)

Who is Juan peron?

Juan Peron was an off and on President of Argentina. He was president than got exiled but 18 years later he returned and became president again. He did some pretty good things (MORE)