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What were the achievements of Vicente Manansala?

  Vicente Manansala was proclaimed the national artist of the Philippines after his death in Makati in 1981. The historical murals he did for the chapel in the University (MORE)

What did Vicente Fox do for Mexico?

Not much. Cold numbers speak for themselves:     Mexican GDP growth during his term (2000 - 2006) averaged  2.2%  Real wages decreased 3.8% to US$7.07 per day, from (MORE)

When was Vicente G. Duterte governor?

Governor Vicente Dutertestarted his political career in Danao, Cebu  City. He moved to Davao with his wife and children in 1951. In 1953  Duterte became a Provincial Secreta (MORE)

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Does Vicente Fernandez live in Mexico?

Yes. He has a ranch, known as the Rancho Tres Potrillos (Spanish for Three colt ranch) on the Guadalajara-Chapala highway, on the western Mexican state of Jalisco. Coordinates (MORE)