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What rhymes with jubilee?

bumblebee, absentee, addressee, adoptee, amputee, appointee,attendee, bourgeoisie, cup of tea, deportee, detainee, disagree,devotee, escapee, guarantee, killer bee, licensee, (MORE)

Why is Jubilee clip called a jubilee?

What a stupid question. It needs a name or else nobody would know what you were talking about. Why is anything called anything? Why is a dog called a dog? Substitute any word (MORE)

What is is a sentence for jubilee?

Examples are: . The college will celebrate their jubilee this summer. . The school's silver jubilee was celebrated on January 7th 1955. . By now you are probably sick of th (MORE)

What is the diamond jubilee about?

It was about our present Queen (Queen Elizabeth II) ruling over the United Kingdom for 60 years She was the second monarch in British History to have a Diamond Jubilee. The f (MORE)
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Who has a jubilee and why?

the queen has a jubilee and its anniverys and why for how many years and months it been arounds Answered by Rhianna M S Gurney