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How old is Jubilee?

Jubilee is a teenage member of Generation X (X-Men comics). She was  initially depicted as being from 12 to 14, among the youngest of  the mutants harbored by Professor Xavi (MORE)

What is the meaning of Silver Jubilee?

It means the celebration of the 25th anniversary of a particular event. In relation to Queen Elizabeth, she celebrated her 25th year as being Queen in 1977 and all of the acti (MORE)

How many different jubilees are there?

There are usually only three. So far, Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated a Silver Jubilee (in 1977, marking her 25th year on the throne), a Golden Jubilee (in 2002, a 50th year (MORE)
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How many kinds of jubilees?

1 year | Annual | Paper / 2 years | Biennial | Cotton / 3 years | Triennial | Leather / 4 years | Quadrennial | Linen / 5 years | Quinquennial | Wood / 6 years | Sexennial | I (MORE)

What is emerald jubilee?

The Emerald Jubilee is when a king or queen reaches 55 years of  ruling.
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What is diamond jubilee year?

Its a celebration of an extended amount of time that a monarch has been on the throne. Somewhere from 60-75 years Queen Elizabeth II has recently celebrated her Jubilee for (MORE)

Do you have a list of jubilees celebrated by the queen?

The anniversaries marked as "Jubilees" are: 25 years - Silver jubilee 50 years - Golden Jubilee 60 years - Diamond Jubilee 70 years - Platinum Jubilee Just for grins, I though (MORE)

What is a 75 year jubilee called?

A platinum celebration is normally 70 years in Britain, however for the jubilee if Queen Elizabeth is to remain on the throne it would probably be 75 years. The reason for th (MORE)