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Does Judaism believe in Jesus?

Answer 1   No, the Jews do not believe in Jesus and Judaism does not believe  in Jesus. Judaism believes in a monotheistic belief in God (that  there is only one God).  (MORE)

Why does Judaism not recognize Jesus Christ?

Answer 1  Jews do generally accept that Jesus was a man who  probably once lived in Galilee and taught great moral truths. They  do not recognise him as the longed-for mes (MORE)
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Is Jesus in Christianity different to Jesus in Judaism?

Extremely different. It is one of the big differences between the two religions. In Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah, the savior. From the Jewish perspective, Jesus may or (MORE)
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If jesus was jewish why did he not follow judaism?

He did. Jesus kept the requirements of the Law as per Judaism.  However He also pointed out to the Jewish leaders of that time that  they had turned God's law into something (MORE)

What are the differences between Judaism and Christian view of jesus as the messiah?

Jewish concept: The word 'messiah' is the anglicisation of the Hebrew 'moshiach'. The literal meaning of 'moshiach' is 'anointed' and is a title given to any person who was (MORE)

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What does Judaism say about Jesus Christ?

Judaism says very little about Jesus. According to our tradition,the vast majority of the Jews at the time didn't hear of him. TheTorah-sages were active at that time and thei (MORE)