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Was Judas saved?

 A:   In Matthew's Gospel, it is possible to say yes, Judas was saved,  but in Acts of the Apostles the answer is no, so it depends on  which source we rely on.   (MORE)

What is the Judas chalis?

basically the Judas Chalice is the polar opposite of the holy grail. it is supposedly a chalice made from the 30 silver pieces given to Judas as paymentfor betraying Christ. i (MORE)

What is a Judas gate?

A Judas gate is a small door located in a larger gate or door so that a person can enter without opening the lager gate or door.
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Who was Judas in The Bible?

There are lots of Judas's in the bible but the main one is Judas Iscariot who was one of Jesus's disciple and he is famously known for betraying Jesus by a kiss for 30 pieces (MORE)

What did Judas do for a living?

Judas Iscariot may well have been what we call today an "entrepreneur"... which is sometimes humorously described as, "a person who will work at almost anything to keep from g (MORE)

Who is Judas?

Judas Iscariot is considered to be one of the 12 disciples and part of a group called the Zealots. They wanted the physical overthrow of the Roman rule and local Jewish rule t (MORE)

Who replaced Judas?

  The Bible says that Matthew replaced Judas by drawing of lot.   But other narration in the Bible suggests that Judas is still alive after the ressurection;   1 Cor (MORE)

Who was Judas?

One of the 12 Apostles -- he betrayed Jesus Christ   The Treasurer What was Judas, and what office did he hold? John: "He was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was (MORE)