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Was Galilee part of Judea?

No. Judea and Galilee were separate territories separated by Samaria. In the time of Jesus, Judea was under direct Roman rule, while Galilee was ruled by King Herod Antipas. H (MORE)

What language did the people of Judea speak?

Originally Hebrew. Then Aramaic, which is closely related to Hebrew. Hebrew was retained though as a language of study and prayer.
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What does Judea mean in the Bible?

It's an important place, I think the southern part of Israel It used to be called Judah before the Romans came It was the portion of the promised land given to the tribe o (MORE)

Is Judea in Africa?

Judea (or Judaea) represented the historical southern kingdom inIsrael that included Jerusalem. Israel including its neighboringcounties in the Middle East are part of the con (MORE)
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Is Judea in Jerusalem?

  No Judea is not in Jerusalem. It's the city of Jerusalem that is in the Province of Judea or Judah.
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What was the Roman relationship with Judea and Jews?

Before Judea became a client state of the Romans in 63 BC.The  people of Judea had good relations with Rome. However, after it was  annexed into the Roman Empire in the 1st (MORE)

Who was king of Judea when Christ was crucified?

When Herod the Great died his kingdom was split in thirds. His son Archaelaus was over Judea, but he had problems with the Roman government and was disposed and his territory (MORE)

What did Rome do to bring about order in Judea?

The Romans dealt with Jewish rebellions with brutal repression. In the First Roman-Jewish War of Great Revolt, the Romans besieged Jerusalem, seized it, destroyed it (includi (MORE)