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What is now Judea?

The ancient land of Judea (a roughly square area to the West of the Dead Sea) is now split between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Is judea a country?

Not yet. Today it's called "The West Bank", and it does not yet have independence from Israel.

Is Judea in Africa?

Judea (or Judaea) represented the historical southern kingdom inIsrael that included Jerusalem. Israel including its neighboringcounties in the Middle East are part of the con (MORE)
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Is Judea in Jerusalem?

No Judea is not in Jerusalem. It's the city of Jerusalem that is in the Province of Judea or Judah.

What was Judea called before it was Judea?

Judea was the Roman name for the former kindom of Judah, centred on the city of Jerusalem. However, for administrative convenience, the Romans expanded the territory governed (MORE)

Why was there unrest in Judea?

Answer Much of the reason for unrest in Judea and Galilee, during the period from the death of Herod until the second Jewish War, was the high taxation imposed on the far east (MORE)

What was the Roman relationship with Judea and Jews?

Before Judea became a client state of the Romans in 63 BC.Thepeople of Judea had good relations with Rome. However, after it wasannexed into the Roman Empire in the 1st centur (MORE)

What is a city in Judea?

Bethany which is a village "about two miles" away from Jerusalem.Just as Capernaum was Jesus' home in Galilee (Mark 2:1), Bethanymight be called his home in Judea. It was the (MORE)

How did Judea get its name?

After the Assyrians conquered ancient Israel in the First Templeera and exiled the Ten Israelite tribes, the Israelites whoremained in the land were (and are) mostly from the (MORE)