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Signs of the day of judgement?

The signs of Day of Judgement are - Children disrespecting parents - Music everywhere - Illiterate people become leaders - People will visit a mosque, and will not find an im (MORE)

Why are people so judgemental?

People are judgemental because they believe by judging you, your decisions in life, and the people around you that they are better. They feel as if they are a better person, t (MORE)

What is judgemental person?

Answer   A person that judges others without getting to know that person or having proof of what they are judging them for. Judgemental people can unfairly judge in many (MORE)

What is judgement of divorce?

The Judgment of Divorce is the divorce decree. Once entered into the record by the judge the judgment effectively ends the marriage. Some jurisdictions have a waiting period (MORE)

Why are people so judgemental about religion?

I would assume the main reason why people are so judgmental about religions is due to a stereo type of haughtiness that is held by many religious people. In addition, when it (MORE)

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Is judgemental a social problem?

judgemental is a personality characteristic of someone who may be contantly opinionated who expresses it and can be a social problem if it is of constant negativity in express (MORE)

What is the first judgement in the Bible?

For the misfortune of not obeying God's instructions, Adam and Eve  were banned from the Garden, must toil in their lives, continue the  human race and die. After Lucifer fe (MORE)