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What is a judgment?

Answer . It is a court order against the debtor to pay the creditor what is due. The judgment can be satisfied in several ways, wage garnishment is the usual one. Levy agai (MORE)

What is The Judgment?

If you are referring to the phrase in the Bible, "After this, theJudgment", I believe that that would be the tribulation, accordingto the Bible. The tribulation is the judgmen (MORE)

What is The judgment of Paris?

First of all its a story about three greek godesses Hera, Aphrodite, And Athena. Eris the godess of discord made a golden apple for the fairest godess. Zeus couldnt choose due (MORE)

How to get out of a judgment?

Judgments are essentially lawsuits filed by a creditor that you owe money to. You generally can't get out of a judgment unless you go to court to fight it. You generally will (MORE)

What can a judgment do?

A judgment is bad to have on your credit for a number of reasons. 1) It stays on your credit report for 10 years. Most negative items only stay on for 7 years. 2) Judgme (MORE)

When is judgment day?

The day and date is not certain , but it will be held when Jesus comes a second time. Today in 2011 people -but not all people- believes the end of the world will be on 2012 (MORE)
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What is executory judgment?

One in which the Court declares the respective rights of the parties, and then proceeds to order the defendant to act in a certain way e.g. to pay damages or to refrain from i (MORE)

What is judgment in Heaven?

Judgement in Heaven is: In Romans 14:10 means all people in this earth will be judged. Even the judges on this earth will be judged in Heaven by Jesus Christ Himself. And i (MORE)
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What is Divine judgment?

judgement from god, many people think there's after life and believe god will jedge the crimes